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The Cipher Group has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, advertising and web development. Our team of highly skilled marketers includes a wide variety of previous work in multiple verticals, including healthcare, automotive, law, government, and oil and gas.

We primarily work on a flat fee basis, so our clients can trust that we have their best interest in mind. Instead of taking a portion of your advertising spend, like other agencies do, we put your full media budget to work. This means you won’t receive an inflated budget recommendation from our team. We know how hard you work to keep your business operating, and we think your marketing investments should do the same.

Our goal is to generate the highest return on investment, while eliminating waste, and ultimately saving your company money. To do this, we take a data-driven approach to all marketing strategies, with clear goals laid out from the beginning. This process has helped us create successful marketing campaigns for multiple clients.

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